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Our transportation engineering department brings a strong blend of municipal engineering and federal transportation experience that affords us the ability to view all transportation projects from the viewpoint of the local municipality, ensuring that important local concerns and details are addressed during construction. In the last decade, our transportation teams have managed both the design and construction phases for over $70 million in construction value for various Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) projects, plus over $320 million in construction value for federally funded transportation projects.  

We act on behalf of our client communities by guiding projects through state and federal transportation agencies and leading stakeholder engagements.  Our entire team works to lead a rigorous, collaborative process to make sustainable, functional, and inspiring projects that serve the public interest, while providing added value to our client communities.  We are intricately familiar with various federal and state funding sources for infrastructure improvements, and we regularly assist our communities in coordinating multi-jurisdictional projects with multiple funding sources, thereby minimizing local funding participation. 

Key Services

  • Phase I Engineering (Preliminary and Environmental Studies including NEPA)

  • Phase II Engineering (Preparation of Contract Plans, Specifications and Estimates)

  • Right Of Way (ROW) Engineering (Preparation of Plats and Legal Descriptions for Land Acquisitions)

  • Observation and Documentation)

  • Annual MFT Maintenance Programs

  • Street Resurfacing

  • Roadway Reconstruction

  • Multi-use and Bike Trails

  • Complete Street Designs

  • Sidewalks/ADA Compliance

  • Federal and State Funding Assistance

  • Intersection Design Studies

  • Traffic Signals

  • Roundabout Design

  • Street and Parking Lot Lighting

  • Stakeholder Coordination

  • Location Drainage Studies

  • Traffic Studies

  • Transportation Planning

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Streetscaping Redevelopment

  • Commuter Parking Lots

  • Accident Analysis

  • Cost Estimates and Bidding Assistance

Featured Projects

183rd St. Ext. approach tracks.JPG

Tinley Park 183rd Street Extension

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