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Municipal operations and maintenance services help communities gather the most value from their investment; our professionals partner with communities, working side-by-side with municipal staff to provide a complete range of daily municipal infrastructure services that encompass system maintenance, operations, and compliance.

In today’s environment of limited resources, it gets even more difficult to deliver the level of service customers desire and regulators require. Stricter guidelines for operating water and wastewater facilities pose serious compliance challenges for municipalities.

Our Infrastructure Management team is a group of trained technicians, licensed operators, and engineers who are highly skilled and experienced in every aspect of managing Public Works infrastructure. Our staff can complement your staff by bringing years of related experience to your Public Works department. Our professionals have decades of experience in water and wastewater system evaluation, planning, design, permitting, funding, start-up services, rate setting, operations assistance, and contract operations.

Key Services

•    Water and Wastewater Facility Operations
•    Maintenance Programs
•    Sludge Management and Disposal
•    Water and Wastewater Monitoring and Sampling
•    Operational Troubleshooting and Process Control
•    Operator Training Programs
•    Valve Exercising
•    Hydrant Flushing
•    New Facility Start-up

  •  Facility Planning

  • Water Meter Reading

  • Utility Billing

  • Infrastructure Evaluation

  • Certified Operators

  • Inflow/Infiltration Evaluation and Rehabilitation

  • Project Management and Oversight

  • Regulatory Reporting and Compliance

  • Public Outreach and Education

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