Why Robinson for an Internship?

Interns function as an extension of our team.  You will work alongside seasoned professionals while gaining exposure to best practices through on-the-job training.  You will experience a collaborative and innovative environment where you will build meaningful professional relationships.   

We are committed to providing a high level of support and encouragement by offering an introduction to real-world skills to help prepare you for a successful career.  A staff mentor will lead you through your internship experience as you explore a wide variety of opportunities to build and practice your skills.


Find Your Path

  • Transportation

  • Potable Water

  • Wastewater

  • Inflow and Infiltration

  • Stormwater

  • Construction Management

  • Land Surveying

  • Environmental

  • Water and Wastewater Operations

  • Geographic Information Systems

  • Accounting

  • Marketing

  • Information Systems Technology

  • Organizational Development


What to Expect

  • Approachable Mentors 

  • Various Worksites  

  • Hands on Learning 

  • Training and Development 

  • Software Training 

  • Network Building 

All internship opportunities for 2022 have been filled.  We will start accepting applications for Summer of 2023 in November.  Please check back then to apply.

Testimonials  ​

"My internship with Robinson was one of the most valuable work experiences of my life before graduating college. I learned about a range of industry practices and even got some experience in the field, which is what made me want to come work for Robinson. I was given an interview and was offered a full-time position. I have my summer internship to thank for this opportunity."

Northwestern University Graduate, Hired as an Engineer