The American Water Works Association estimates
that there are still 6.1 million lead service lines (LSLs)
in water systems around the country.

The risks and health effects of lead exposure are well documented, particularly to infants, young children, pregnant women as well as others with serious health conditions or compromised immune systems. Studies have shown that since treated source water is usually lead free, it is often the existing LSLs and lead solder in copper plumbing that are the causes of lead in drinking water delivered to customers.

The fundamental fix for this problem is the replacement of lead service lines (LSLs) to homes and other buildings that introduce the contaminant into treated water as it travels to consumers. While there are many new standards and best practices available, they do nothing to address one of the biggest obstacles preventing wide-scale LSL replacement: lack of funding. Without any assistance, the full replacement of LSLs can be an impossible task for many utilities.

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency has a limited amount of money set aside in the Public Water Supply Loan Program for lead service line replacements.

IEPA Public Water Supply Loan Program

  • FY 2020 (July 2020-June 2021) interest rates - base rates of 2%

    • Lower interest rates for Small Communities, Hardship Communities and an Environmental Discount rate for Green Projects
  • Principal Forgiveness Opportunities for Lead Service Line Replacement (LSLR)

    • Communities with more than 70% of the State Media Household Income (MHI) qualify for up to $1,000,000 in principal forgiveness 

    • Communities with less than 70% of the State Media Household Income (MHI) qualify for up to $2,000,000 in principal forgiveness

  • Principal Forgiveness Opportunities for Public Water Supply (PWS) – Non LSLR Projects

    • Maximum forgiveness of 60% of the total project cost up to a maximum of $800,000

  • Principal Forgiveness Opportunities for Water Pollution Control (WPC)

    • Maximum forgiveness of 60% of the total project cost

  • Longer Loan Terms for Reduced Yearly Payments

    • 30 Year loans are eligible for qualifying projects

Qualifications & Experience

  • Water supply system experts in project planning and IEPA Low Interest Loan documentation

  • Over $50,000,000 in IEPA SRF Low Interest Loan funded projects since 2009

  • Creative ideas on how to best approach your lead service line replacement projects

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