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We recognize that drainage is an important aspect with nearly every project, and that flooding is a concern for many communities and property owners.  We use a comprehensive approach and implement practical solutions to projects ranging in size from minor backyard drainage problems to large-scale flood studies.  We use a combination of technical expertise and ability to communicate with clients, municipal staff, and residents.  

We utilize a variety of computer modeling applications for designing and evaluating stormwater management plans, storm sewer systems, and corrective drainage measures.  Our stormwater specialists have extensive experience with the various design standards and ordinances in the region, and regularly participate in county and local drainage committees. As technology changes and trends shift, we keep pace and remain on the cutting edge with stormwater components such as water quality design and Best Management Practices (BMPs).

Key Services

•    Storm Sewer Design
•    Culvert/Bridge Sizing
•    Drainage Investigations
•    Concept Plans and Alternative Analysis
•    Location Drainage Studies
•    Hydrologic and Hydraulic Modeling
•    Dynamic Modeling
•    Breach Zone Mapping

•    Detention and Retention Design

•    Combined Sewer Separation

•    Flood Studies

•    Compensatory Storage Design

•    Floodplain Mapping

•    FEMA Flood Insurance Studies

•    Regulatory Agency Permitting

•    NPDES/MS4 Compliance

•    Dam Breach Analysis

Featured Projects

Watseka_Ditch w fence rail.jpg

Watseka Drainage Ditch Improvements

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