Water and Wastewater

Water delivery is one of the most important services undertaken by municipalities to serve constituents. Robinson Engineering has been planning and designing water distribution systems (including Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, or SCADA, systems) for more than 80 years. Our engineers have designed more water reservoirs, pumping stations and elevated tanks than any other engineering firm in the Chicago Southland region.

Robinson ensures proper master planning of wastewater collection facilities, with innovative designs that ensure environmentally safe, cost-effective wastewater collection and treatment. Having successfully completed more than $160 million in sewer rehabilitation projects over the past two decades, we are a recognized leader in the field of sanitary sewer evaluation surveys, as well as in developing and implementing sewer rehabilitation programs.

Water: Storage and Pumping

We provide comprehensive engineering, inspection, rehabilitation, repair, repainting and preventative maintenance services for water system storage tanks. Our approach takes the entire water supply system into account, not just each individual tank. We understand water supply industry trends (water quality regulations, security and safety); water distribution system components (pipe, pressure, flow and equipment); and long-term client goals and objectives (life-cycle cost, quality of work, schedule).

Water: Supply and Treatment

Robinson specializes in water supply management projects for commercial and municipal clients. We assist our clients with advice on methods to protect ground and surface water supply, as well as providing up-to-date knowledge of regulations regarding groundwater, including preparation of necessary documentation to meet regulatory requirements and acquire necessary permits.

Water: Distribution Systems

We bring a reputation for excellence to our extensive water supply and distribution capabilities. Our client communities rely on us to help them support growth, answer regulatory challenges and manage aging systems. By blending technology with experience, our engineers balance fiscal responsibility and environmental concerns.

Wastewater: Collection and Treatment

For sewer systems, not only do we design collection systems, lift stations and conduct infiltration/inflow studies, we also provide wetland delineation, permitting and master planning services.


Robinson has extensive experience in working with a wide range of wastewater treatment processes. Our unmatched team of engineers has project experience that has enabled us to provide our clients with highly customized solutions to their wastewater treatment challenges.

Wastewater: Sewer System Evaluations

Our experience assisting Chicagoland municipalities with sewer rehabilitation programs help our clients achieve municipal compliance with regulatory requirements and to proactively implement local initiatives designed to reduce pumping and treatment costs.

In-house investigative capabilities include flow monitoring installation and data analysis, manhole inspections, smoke testing, dyed water flood testing, sewer televising video analysis and building inspections. Our sophisticated data processing capabilities allow inspection data to be seamlessly integrated into Geographic Information System (GIS) platforms that allow for powerful information management by community staff members responsible for utility system operations and maintenance.

Wastewater: Long Term Operation And Maintenance

We understand the issues our client communities face with the ever-increasing demand for new and expanded plants, aging infrastructure, and environmental and regulatory requirements. With our unparalleled expertise in wastewater engineering, we help take our clients’ projects from concept to construction, from initial objective to full operation.

Robinson has proven experience in planning, constructing and financing new sewers, as well as designing cost-effective rehabilitation alternatives for aging existing sewer systems, contributes to our leadership in the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana wastewater engineering field.


Our wide range of capabilities includes design and construction engineering services for:

  • Water pumping stations

  • Well and well house systems

  • Water treatment/iron removal systems

  • Elevated water tanks

  • Ground storage reservoirs

  • Distribution and supply systems

  • Computer controlled water system operations

  • Supervisory control and data acquisition systems

  • Variable frequency drive installations

Featured Projects

Robinson Engineering, Ltd. (REL), in conjunction with the Village of Bridgeview and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA), was contracted to modernize Bridgeview’s only potable pump station. The pump station was built in the 1950’s and was due for an upgrade. 

The Village of Downers Grove recently began construction of a $6 million water main replacement and roadway reconstruction for its Knottingham Subdivision. The subdivision was originally constructed in the 1970’s, and was in dire need of roadway and water main infrastructure improvements.

The Village of Itasca was experiencing numerous sanitary and storm system issues on the north side of the railroad tracks that divide the Village.
The sanitary issues were related to a woefully inadequate lift station located at the northeast corner of Willow and North Streets.

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