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How do you plan for development and redevelopment? Are your codes attracting new businesses? Is your Comprehensive Plan effectively implemented through your Zoning Ordinance?  Does your sign code reflect current trends and technology?

Our creative and thorough planning and zoning team of Certified Planners (AICP) can assist you and your municipal engineers as an extension of your staff.  We can help you update, interpret, and enforce codes and develop planning policies and guidelines to ensure the integrity of the design in your municipality for years and decades to come. We can help you create the documents, tools, and processes you need to ensure the goals and visions of your municipality come to fruition quickly, in compliance with local and regional regulations, and accommodating the evolving business environment.

Key Services

  • Ordinance Preparation and Updates

  • (Zoning Ordinance, Land Use Regulations, Parking Regulations, Sign Ordinance, Façade Regulations)

  • Development Handbooks and Guidelines

  • Evaluate and Research Land Use Regulations

  • Application and Site Plan Reviews

  • Assist Annexation Agreements, Covenants and Restrictions

  • Staff Reports for Appointed and Elected Officials

  • Code Interpretation

  • Liaison for Planning Policies and Plans (Comprehensive Plans, Redevelopment Plans, Special Area Plans)

  • Zoning Map Updates

  • Land Use Maps

  • US Census Map Updates

  • Grant and Award Applications

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