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Our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Mapping team has helped communities easily access and effectively manage large quantities of up-to-date, accurate data. With GIS, our clients are better able to plan, monitor/track real-time data, automate work flow processes and predict patterns, ultimately leading to improved financial and schedule efficiencies.

Our staff includes surveyors, geographers, engineers, GIS/CAD technicians, and programmers experienced in state-of-the-art software compatible with mainstream database environments. We begin with a GIS implementation plan where we work closely with our communities to assess needs and priorities. Projects typically progress with data conversion, map development, database design, customer-user interfaces, installation, and training.

Parcel Management

  • Centralized Information Linked to Maps

  • Management of Permits, Inspections, Licenses, and Costs

  • Tablet and Phone Based Requests and Inspections App

Asset Management

  • Utility Atlases

  • Sanitary, Stormwater, Water, Pavement, Lights, Signs, and More

  • Tracking Work Request, Labor, Materials, and Equipment

Planning and Economic Development

  • TIF Management

  • Demographic Analysis

  • Open Lands and Park Management

  • 3D Site Vision Models and Flyovers

Web Based Mapping

  • Utility Data Available Anywhere, Anytime

  • Topic Focused Story Maps

  • Tablet and Phone Based Requests and Inspections App

  • Emergency and Event Management Tools

Floodplain Management

  • Flood Zone Mapping

  • Flood Mitigation Planning

  • Flood Damage Assessment

Safety and Law Enforcement

  • Crime Data Analysis

  • Vehicle Tracking

  • Linked Images, Plans and Documents

  • Emergency and Event Management Tools

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