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The Village of Minooka was established in 1869, and as such the downtown area is almost completely developed with limited available developable land remaining. As a result of its age, the Village’s downtown was developed prior to stormwater concerns and/or regulations; therefore nearly all of the downtown roadways were without curb and gutter and storm sewer.

In 2006 the Village of Minooka initiated a capital improvements project focused on improvements in the “historic” downtown area of the Village. The capital improvements project was phased over several years and included the complete reconstruction of existing streets with curb and gutter, storm sewer, and other utilities.

Robinson Engineering, Ltd. utilized existing conveyance systems where possible and proposed a new regional “trunk” storm sewer to serve the north and northeast portion of the downtown; providing planning, permitting, project management, design and construction engineering services for six (6) construction contracts over a four year time frame.

Project Objectives

1. Reconstruct of roadway and infrastructure on nine (9) streets, totaling approximately 2 miles.

2. Install approximately 2,250 LF of “trunk” storm sewer to serve the majority of downtown and complete roadway se-surfacing.

Project Phases / Contracts

Phase 1 – Complete reconstruction of Massasoit Street and Coady Drive.

Phase 2 – Complete reconstruction of Wabena Avenue.

Phase 3 – Complete reconstruction of West Mondamin Street.

Phase 4 – Installation of “trunk” storm sewer and resurfacing East Mondamin Street.

Phase 5 – Complete reconstruction of N. Wabasso, East St. Mary’s and East Church Street.

Phase 6 – Complete reconstruction of N. Osceola, West St. Mary’s and West Church Street.

Key Design Consideration

  • Directing significant volumes of residential and commercial traffic thru downtown during multi-year construction. from a truck stop through a new signalized intersection

  • Utilization of existing storm outlets and planning new “trunk” storm outlet due to absence of available land for detention ponds.

  • Impact to dense urban residential area during storm sewer installation – multiple utility conflicts.

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