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Vacant Wooded Parcels - Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments

The Village retained Robinson Engineering’s affiliate company, GEOCON Professional Services, LLC, to conduct an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) of a 0.43-acre wooded property located at the northwest corner of 141st Street and Palmer Avenue in Posen. The ESA was performed concurrently with a GEOCON geotechnical investigation for a proposed 500,000-gallon elevated water tank to be constructed on the site. The environmental assessment and geotechnical evaluation were conducted for Robinson Engineering, Ltd., on behalf of the Village of Posen, the land owner.

Key Project Elements

• The ESA included key aspects of a Phase I ESA such as review of historical aerial photographs and state/federal databases to evaluate the historic use and regulatory status of the site and surrounding properties.

• The geotechnical and Phase II ESA activities included the completion of soil borings and rock coring to depths of 22 to 52 feet below surface grade in the area of the proposed elevated tank. Soil samples were selected from the predetermined boring locations for laboratory analytical and physical testing to evaluate subsurface geologic conditions and to confirm or deny the presence of contaminants in the subsurface soil where future excavation will occur.

• The combined geotechnical and environmental assessment allowed for the property to be evaluated during one drilling event resulting in a cost savings for the Village.

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