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Forest Preserve District of Will County 375 Acres of Wooded Land - Phase I Environmental Site Assessment



Robinson was retained by the Forest Preserve District of Will County (FPDWC) to conduct a Phase I ESA of the property for their due diligence for the planned property acquisition. The property was acquired and preserved by the Forest Preserve.  The 375-acre property included numerous parcels of land that were historically wooded and located along the banks of the Des Plaines River in Lockport Township. The property included a 314-acre FPDWC Lockport Prairie Nature Preserve and the remaining land consisted of railroad tracks, heavily wooded undeveloped areas, prairies, creeks, and wetlands.

  • Acquired donated land to expand eastern adjacent MWFP

  • Phase I ESA was completed as part of the FPDWC’s due diligence

  • Conducted ESA on a 4-acre wooded parcel in Crete Township

  • The property consisted of heavily wooded land

  • Located in a residential area with a 0.5-acre pond

  • Coordinated project planning with the MWRDGC representatives

  • Three Phase I ESA reports were prepared for the FPDWC due to the noncontiguous configuration of the parcels

Forest Preserve 375 Acres of Wooded Land
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