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Development Reviews

By virtue of our appointment as municipal engineer to over 40 communities, many longer than 40 years, Robinson Engineering, Ltd. has more municipal subdivision and site plan review experience than any other Chicagoland consultant. We’ve reviewed nearly 500 subdivisions and over 1,300 site development plans since 2000 alone, and estimate that our historic totals are well over 1,500 subdivisions and 3,000 site plans, respectively, over the past 40 years. We’ve also performed construction inspection services for the vast majority of these projects on behalf of our client communities.

Our diversified municipal engineering team is dedicated to delivering prompt, technically accurate development reviews, while respecting the delicate balance between the client community and the developer’s interests. We’ve developed sophisticated tracking systems that keep development review information current and readily accessible.

Invariably, drainage and stormwater management tends to be the single most critical component of most subdivision reviews. In our considerable experience with municipalities, we have found that nothing adversely affects local residents, or incites public outcry, more than drainage and flooding problems caused by development. Other important elements include proper utility sizing in accordance with master infrastructure plans, together with determining appropriate recapture costs for future developments. Roadway construction, turning lane additions, and signalization warrants are also reviewed as applicable to ensure that the municipality’s transportation system is not negatively impacted by proposed developments.

Our field personnel relish their primary function serving as the “eyes and ears” of our client communities during infrastructure construction. Our field engineers are well versed in the IDOT Standard Specifications for Road & Bridge Construction, IEPA specifications for Water & Sewer Construction in Illinois, and with local design standards in the communities they serve. Requiring certified as-builts of all projects—in GIS format where applicable—is another important control we recommend prior to releasing a developer from his ultimate responsibility for constructing a project in accordance with approved plans.


Key Services:

  • Stakeholder meetings

  • Annexation/recapture agreements

  • Concept Plan Reviews

  • Preliminary and final plats of subdivision

  • Preliminary and final engineering reviews

  • Public safety impacts

  • Ordinance compliance

  • Master Planning compliance

  • Letter-of-Credit determinations

  • Construction observation services

  • Soil erosion control inspections

  • IEPA/IDOT permit coordination

  • Infrastructure construction testing

  • LOC reduction administration

  • Punch lists and final walk-throughs

  • As-built collection

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