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Menard, Inc. - Melrose Park, IL

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Industrial/Commercial Parcels

Our environmental team was retained by Menard, Inc. to conduct a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), asbestos survey and geotechnical evaluation of several properties as part of their due diligence process regarding a planned property acquisition for a retail store redevelopment project located in a western suburb of Chicago, Illinois.

The 18.43-acre property included parcels of land that were historically used by industrial and manufacturing businesses for roughly the past sixty-four years. Heavy usage, storage and generation of various hazardous materials, including petroleum and solvent chemicals, were associated with the various operations on these properties. Numerous above ground storage tanks (ASTs), underground storage tanks (USTs) and drums were identified at the properties, along with other items of environmental concern. A significant volume of records and previous investigation reports were reviewed and summarized for this assessment in order to identify recognized environmental conditions (RECs) associated with the various parcels.

Key Project Elements

• GEOCON completed the comprehensive Phase I ESA in one month for the due diligence evaluation.

• Effective communication and coordination with multiple land owners and tenants enabled the assessments to be conducted in a timely manner with no interruption to the existing business operations.

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