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Crest Hill Citywide Drainage Analysis


The City of Crest Hill experienced chronic drainage and localized flooding problems. Inundation of backyards, basements, garages and streets regularly occurred during significant rainfall events, diminishing the quality of life for dozens of affected residents.

  • Investigated flooding causes for 21 defined Problem Areas

  • Organized public outreach including questionnaires and meetings to asses problem areas

  • Used GPS to locate storm infrastructure and complete storm sewer atlas

  • Researched and summarized stormwater quality, environmental regulations, and local efforts

  • Performed topographic survey of strategic locations, preliminary hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, preliminary design of improvements, cost estimates

  • Prepared a formal report and summary of findings including 39 maps and exhibits, and two presentations to City Council

  • Provided preliminary estimates for construction and engineering


  • The report was used for planning and budgeting of capital improvements.

  • Secured funding from the DCEO

  • Coordinated with the City of Joliet and the Will County Forest Preserve for planning in one Problem Area

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