143rd Street and Lemont Road

Federal-Aid Intersection

In 2004, the Village of Homer Glen received authorization from the Will County Governmental League to use Federal Funds for completing safety and operational improvements at the 143rd Street/Lemont Road (State Street) intersection. The importance of improving this intersection had regional significance with the construction of the I-355 interchange at 143rd Street less than one mile to the west. This improvement project includes pavement reconstruction and intersection channelization to provide separate left turn lanes in all directions and separate right turn lanes in three directions. The existing temporary signals will be replaced with a traffic-actuated, traffic signal that also included emergency vehicle pre-emption capabilities. To further enhance roadway safety, roadway lighting will be provided along all four approaches to the intersection. The project is federally funded, with local funding participation by the Village of Homer Glen as well as the Will County Highway Department.

Key Project Elements

  • Obtain traffic counts and prepare an Intersection Design Study to address significant changes in traffic patterns as a result of the I-355 extension

  • Alternate geometric studies, including development of a revised roadway profile

  • Preparation of a Project Development Report for a Group II Categorical Exclusion to satisfy Federal and State criteria

  • Development of a Wetland Technical Report (by subconsultant) and provided assistance in obtaining a Wetland Bank credit as part of the mitigation plan

  • Preparation of right–of-way and easement documents, and monitored property negotiation services

  • Preparation of contract plans and supporting documents for the intersection reconstruction, roadway lighting and traffic signal installation

  • Construction layout and construction observation

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