Surveying and Field Services for the Illinois Dept. of Transportation


Robinson provided field and office professional land surveying services necessary to prepare plat of highways and legal descriptions for land acquisition of approximately 16,150 lineal feet of roadway consisting of approximately 70 parcels of land.

The following were conducted in order to complete these services. First, a detailed primary control survey was completed using Global Positioning System (GPS) and conventional survey methods to establish the position of both random survey control points as well as existing survey monuments. Next, a review of existing right of way documents was made. Detailed calculations followed utilizing the position of established monuments in conjunction with the exiting right of way documents to determine the position of the right of way. After determination of the existing right of way, a review of commitments for title insurance was made. The position of the individual parcel boundaries was determined from further calculations, again utilizing the record documents and data collected pertaining to existing monuments. After establishing the existing right of way and parcel lines, the proposed right of way was calculated based upon the necessary engineering requirements.

The plats of highway were then generated as a compilation of existing right of way, existing parcel lines and proposed right of way requirements. The legal descriptions were then composed based upon the position of the proposed right of way relative to the existing right of way and existing parcel lines. During the entire process, from field measurements to final plats and legal descriptions, an extensive quality assurance and quality control process is in place. This involves several members of our firm ensuring that there are multiple reviews of the documents that are distributed.

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