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Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment

The site is comprised of one 10.33 acre parcel of land that is currently and has historically been used for commercial purposes (located in Champaign, Illinois). The east-central portion of the site has been the location of a commercial radio station with a 424-foot broadcast tower since 1948.


GEOCON Professional Services, LLC (GEOCON), Robinson Engineering’s affiliate company, was retained by D.W.S, Inc. to conduct a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) of the property for their due diligence for the planned subdivision of the large parcel of land. Recognized environmental conditions (RECs) were identified for the parcel due to the presence of an underground storage tank (UST) and an above ground storage tank (AST) on-site.

In conjunction with the Phase I ESA, GEOCON conducted a Phase II ESA of the area of the existing UST. A total of four soil borings were advanced around the perimeter of the existing UST with a truck-mounted Geoprobe drilling unit and selected soil samples were analyzed for indicator contaminants of concern.

Key Project Elements

• GEOCON completed the Phase I and II ESAs in a month which allowed for sufficient time to evaluate the assessment results for their due diligence period
• Historical source use of aerial photographs to document development of the subject site
• GEOCON utilized a company-owned truck-mounted Geoprobe drilling unit to access restricted locations around the existing UST due to existing radio broadcasting tower and equipment
• Effective communication and coordination with the land owner allowed the assessment to be conducted in a timely manner with no interruption to the existing business operations

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