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D.W.S., INC.
Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment


The site is comprised of one 10.33 acre parcel of land that had historically been used for commercial purposes (located in Champaign, Illinois). The east-central portion of the site has been the location of a commercial radio station with a 424-foot broadcast tower since 1948.


  • Conducted a Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment

  • Recognized environmental conditions (RECs) were identified for the parcel due to the presence of an on-site underground storage tank (UST) an above ground storage tank (AST)

  • Used truck-mounted Geo probe drilling unit on restricted sites

  • Analyzed soil samples for indicator contaminants

  • Historical source use of aerial photographs to document development of the subject site

  • Completed the Phase I and II ESAs in a month which allowed for sufficient time to evaluate the assessment results for their due diligence period


  • Conducted assessment in a timely manner with no interruption to the existing business operations

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