Elevated Tank, Wells,

and Water Treatment Plant 

The Village of Frankfort, Illinois required additional water system capacity to serve the southern extents of the Village’s service area. Moreover, Frankfort was constructing a new municipal center on the site of an operational well, which was to be abandoned. Therefore, the Village required two new wells, an elevated tank, and a water treatment plant to be designed and constructed as soon as possible in order to provide sufficient water for the upcoming summer peak demand period.

First, two new 16-inch diameter shallow wells were drilled into the underlying limestone aquifer to a depth of 550 feet. The wells were test pumped and then acidized to increase the water production. Well capacities of 900 gpm and 750 gpm were achieved, which satisfied the Village’s increased water demand. Submersible well pumps were then installed along with 1,500 feet of raw water supply water main to convey the water to the new water treatment plant.

Next, a water treatment plant was constructed comprised of two 1,000 gpm pressure filters for iron and manganese removal; pre- and post-chlorination facilities; fluoride and polyphosphate chemical feed systems; and a standby power generator. The architecture of the building was carefully selected to match the adjacent fire station.

Finally, a 1 million gallon elevated steel spheroid tank was constructed to store the treated water. Interior and exterior coating systems were applied, along with installation of a cathodic protection system to provide corrosion resistance to ensure long term structural integrity of the tank. The Village’s logo was also added to the tank exterior to match the Village’s other elevated tanks.

Robinson Engineering, Ltd. (REL) expedited design of the project components to meet the Village’s accelerated project timeframe. Additionally, REL conducted innovative measures to reduce the project’s construction period, thereby delivering the water system improvements as quickly as possible.

Key Project Elements

  • Robinson solicited operator and staff input throughout the design process, and incorporated their preferences into the project design

  • Robinson’s team split the project into components that were separately designed and bid to expedite the design and construction schedules


Project Results

  • The wells, elevated tank, and water treatment plant were all operational by their contract completion dates

  • Over 1,600 gpm of new water delivery capacity and 1 million gallons of new water storage is available for the Village’s current needs and to support growth within the Village’s service area


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