"Crossings Project"

Lift Station Improvements


The Village of Itasca was experiencing numerous sanitary and storm system issues on the north side of the railroad tracks that divide the Village.

The sanitary issues were related to a woefully inadequate lift station located at the northeast corner of Willow and North Streets. In an effort to modernize their aging facilities, the Village of Itasca authorized Robinson Engineering, Ltd. (REL) to undertake the construction observation of the system improvements designed by others. The lift station upgrades included pump upgrades, the addition of an engine-generator and force main sizing increases which resulted in relieving the numerous Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) the Village had experienced in the region. Regional storm sewers were also enlarged as part of the project to alleviate chronic flooding issues.

The comprehensive system improvements consisted of complete lift station replacement, emergency power systems, control equipment upgrades, and SCADA integration. Stormwater issues were resolved by increasing the storm sewer sizes the railroad lines in the center of the Village, and involved considerable coordination with Metra and IDOT. Numerous access issues were resolved during the construction by REL staff, along with ComEd power issues at the new lift station, assuring a smooth construction project.

Key Construction Considerations

  • Solicitation of owner participation during the construction process to minimize citizen impacts during construction

  • Coordination with the owner, equipment manufacturer and Comed to provide cost effective electrical system alternatives to address potential extra costs to add electrical system capacity

  • Coordination with the owner and equipment manufacturer to provide training to operating personnel on the functional capabilities of the new equipment and SCADA systems


Major System Components

  • High efficiency submersible pumps

  • Prefabricated lift station consisting of integrated wetwells and valve vaults

  • Emergency power supply systems

  • SCADA control equipment and integration

  • Prefabricated control and equipment buildings


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