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Lansing Fox Pointe Development Amphitheater & Civic Space 


Fox Pointe was constructed on just over six acres of Village-owned property adjacent to commercial/retail developments, housing, and other publicly owned property.  In addition to the amphitheater, an open-air pavilion, a restroom facility and a concession stand/ticket booth were designed by JMA architects



    Implemented a site plan development by the landscape architect    

•    Designed sanitary and storm sewers, water main, various parking facilities, and site lighting

•    Provided stormwater management for the entire  site
•    Incorporated four bio-retention facilities, a  series of storm sewers, and an underground detention system consisting of 84-inch diameter pipes   

•    Realigned multiple public streets into one new street
•    Coordinated with the Village, multiple architects and multiple contractors throughout the  construction process

•    Combined two existing roads; design engineering of civil aspects of a rendering prepared by Ives Ryan Group


  •  Provided a cost-effective underground  detention system design

  •  LED parking lot lighting and decorative street lights

  •  Realignment of Pennsy Greenway Bike Path


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