Fran-Lin Parkway Reconstruction

Phase I-Storm Sewer Construction

The Town of Munster had been receiving numerous complaints from residents about the condition of Fran-Lin Parkway. Among the many complaints received the most common were related to the condition of the pavement and reports of local drainage problems. Robinson Engineering, Ltd. (REL) worked with Town officials/staff to develop a course of action designed to address residents’ complaints in the most cost effective manner.

Initially, soil borings were taken at various locations throughout the project limits. The soil boring report indicated that poor subgrade material in combination with a lack of drainage structures had led to the poor pavement performance. Based on the soils report REL recommended that the pavement be reconstructed with a minimum one foot undercut as well as the installation of an enclosed storm drainage system.

The project was split in to two phases due to the impending winter/construction season end. Phase I was completed Fall 2011 and included the installation of the enclosed drainage system. Phase II will occur in the Spring of 2012 and will consist of the complete reconstruction of the pavement.

Key Project Elements


  • Phase I of the project was split in to two construction stages. The boulevard cross section of Fran-Lin Parkway as well as a curved roadway alignment necessitated the closure of the southbound lanes to install the mainline storm sewer. Detour signage was installed to direct thru traffic away from the project area. The contractor only closed one block at a time while working to minimize impacts to residents.

  • REL coordinated with local utility companies during design to ensure conflicts with gas, electric and cable facilities were avoided.

  • REL coordinated with the USCOE as well as Lake County Highway Department to obtain permits/permission to construct two storm sewer out falls at Hart Ditch.

  • Over 3000 feet of storm sewer was installed ranging in size from 12” to 30” at depths ranging from 3’ to 10’ feet.

  • REL provided construction layout and construction observation for the Town. REL facilitated coordination between the storm sewer contractor and the paving contractor (separate contract) to ensure timely completion and that impacts to local residents were kept to a minimum.

  • The project was completed in less than 2 months, and was almost 3 weeks ahead of schedule.


Project Results

  • The Town now has the proper storm sewer system in place for Fran-Lin Parkway. The Town will be able to simply reconstruct the roadway in the Spring 2012. Having the storm sewer in place will greatly speed up construction in the spring thus shortening the length of time residents have to deal with construction work.


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