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Munster Fran-Lin Parkway Reconstruction Phase I Storm Sewer Construction


The Town of Munster had been receiving numerous complaints from residents about pavement conditions and  local drainage problems along Fran-Lin Parkway. Robinson worked with Town officials/staff to develop a course of action designed to address residents’ complaints in the most cost effective manner.

The project was split in to two phases due to the impending winter/construction season end. 

  • Installed over 3000 feet of storm sewer ranging in size from 12” to 30” at depths ranging from 3’ to 10’ 

  • Coordinated with local utility companies during design to avoid conflicts with gas, electric and cable facilities 

  • Coordinated with the USCOE and the Lake County Highway Department to obtain permits/permission to construct two storm sewer out falls at Hart Ditch

  • Coordinated between the storm sewer contractor and the paving contractor (separate contract) to ensure timely completion and that impacts to local residents were kept to a minimum

  • Provided construction layout and observation for services 


  • Completed project in less than 2 months, and was almost 3 weeks ahead of schedule

  • The Town now has the proper storm sewer system 

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