Village of Lansing - Public Works, IL
Leaking Underground Storage Tank

The Village retained Robinson Engineering’s affiliate company, GEOCON Professional Services, LLC, to remove a 250-gallon used oil underground storage tank (UST) to comply with an Office of the State Fire Marshal (OSFM) UST violation notice. The waste oil UST was used for 51 years in the Public Works maintenance garage. On May 23, 2017, during the UST removal by a licensed tank contractor, the tank was found to be leaking and a used oil release incident was reported to the state resulting in LUST incident number 20170428 being assigned to the site. Contaminated soil removal and landfill disposal of 55 tons of contaminated soil and excavation sampling and testing that were completed during the Early Action phase of IEPA LUST reporting allowed for the former tank basin to be almost completely remediated. Due the presence of shallow groundwater within the tank basin during soil removal, a groundwater investigation was warranted during the Stage 1 Site Investigation phase of the project which included the advancement of five soil borings and monitoring wells surrounding the former tank basin to evaluate subsurface conditions. A Class II General Resource Groundwater demonstration was made for the shallow groundwater unit and, in doing so, the site was successfully remediated to the IEPA Tier 1 Remediation Objectives for Class II Groundwater standards. The IEPA issued the Village of Lansing a No Further Remediation Letter for the LUST release incident on April 4, 2018 with no land use restrictions.

Key Project Elements

• The project was completed in one year and under the total budget amount that was estimated to the Village

• All of the required IEPA LUST Program Reports and Illinois UST Fund Reimbursement Claims were prepared and submitted to the IEPA in a timely manner.

• There are no land use restrictions or activity use limitations associated with the regulatory IEPA closure for the LUST incident associated with the site

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