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Village of Manteno, IL
Phase I & II Environmental Site Assessment 0.58 Acres of Commercial Parcels

The property included four parcels of non-contiguous land that were historically owned and used by the Canadian National Railroad which included a former gasoline filling station from 1927 to 1992. Robinson Engineering’s affiliate company, GEOCON Professional Services, LLC (GEOCON) conducted a Phase I ESA of the property and recognized environmental conditions (RECs) were identified for the parcels due to the historic long term property use and the former gas station parcel with former petroleum underground storage tanks (USTs).

In August 2011, GEOCON was retained by the River Valley Metro Transit District to conduct a Phase II ESA of the property for their due diligence for the planned property transfer. A total of eleven soil borings were advanced across the parcels with a truck mounted geo-probe unit and selected soil samples were analyzed for indicator contaminants of concern. The subsurface impact of the former gas station operations was quantified and the areas of concern were highlighted to the client and their architect for the planning of the new bus center structures and parking lots.

Key Project Elements

• Recommendations were provided to the client for the management of excess soil that will be generated during the planned construction activities for the federally funded bus transfer center.

• Recommendations on property redevelopment and the use of Engineered Barriers were provided to the client to assist with their planned improvements to the downtown area

Manteno_ Phase I & II Enviromental Site
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