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East Hazel Crest - Canadian National/Illinois Central Railroad Underpass


Robinson performed Phase I Study and Phase II Contract Plans for roadway lowering and reconstruction of 171st Street under the Canadian National/Illinois Central at the Markham rail yard. 171st Street was originally constructed under four railroad bridges at this location with an average clearance of 11’1”. This caused major problems with the flow of truck traffic under bridges and resulted in several trucks becoming stuck under the bridges.


  • Completed Intersection Design Studies with new vertical profiles and analysis of 20-year projected traffic at three signalized intersections

  • Evaluated three existing signalized intersections within the study limits for accident analysis, sight distance and required geometry

  • Evaluated right of way impacts on commercial and residential properties, including relocations

  • Environmental study completed

  • Designed a closed drainage system, and pond for the 50-year storm event and sizing of the pump station

  • Designed a new sanitary lift station due to conflicts with the existing location and with the existing force main

  • Coordination with CN/IC Railroad, IDOT, Federal Highway Administration, Interstate Commerce Commission, Cook County Highway Department and Village of East Hazel Crest

  • Reconstruction and detention pond alternative supported by all agencies

  • Underpass and roadway lighting design for length of project

  • Designed retaining walls throughout the length of project due to the lowering of the roadway profile

  • Designed and constructed a 12” watermain to connect the East and West halves of the village


  • Increased overhead roadway clearance, eliminated recurring drainage problems, and improved roadway and pedestrian safety.

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